Is the recession over? Is the job market opening up? Whether there is a strong economic recovery, or steady, incremental improvement, most employers will face a tough reality. Business demands will increase at the very same time that external recruiters begin targeting employees, especially the top performers.
How does your segment stack up? Do you feel confident that your human capital plan is ready to meet the challenge of retaining top talent? Here are some sobering facts:

  • Disengaged employees can cost up to 30% of every labor dollar spent.
  • Studies today show that employees feel burned out or taken advantage of, to the tune of up to 75% disengagement!
  • Without engagement, labor retention and productivity are losing battles.

What’s the answer? No matter the size of your operation, it pays to understand the risks of losing skilled employees. Partnering with Talent Connections to analyze your risk, quantify it, and implement an active management plan can put you ahead of the game.

Why wait until your best and brightest have left the team for greener pastures? Many employees feel they’ve already tried to give their input but think they’ve been ignored. Many others are afraid of conflict and haven’t brought up their concerns. Let us help evaluate the specifics of your team and create a winning road map for continued success.

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