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Finding Good, Qualified Help
A Hop, Skip and a Jump

Periods of high-volume recruiting come and go. If you know your peaks and valleys are just that, contract recruiting is a terrific solution to keep your recruiting function running efficiently and at a supreme quality level.

Talent Connections works with you to find a recruiter that is not only well-qualified and experienced in your industry, but will also fit in with your workflow so you'll see consistency in your recruiting process. Depending on your needs, the recruiter can work either remotely or in-house-no matter where your department is located. Talent Connections has placed contract recruiters nationally. With more than 3000 contract recruiters in its network, that fit is just a phone call away whether it's full-time or part-time, next week or next quarter. Talent Connections prides itself on what little ramp-up time is required from its contract recruiter pool. The result is a solution which increases the efficiency and quality of your recruiting function.

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