Interim Human Resource Management

Whether you are a company that hasn’t yet established a Human Resources function, have an HR department that needs supplemental assistance to produce additional deliverables, or are currently experiencing a vacancy in your HR leadership, Talent Connections can assist you. Our team of experienced consultants has a proven track record of success in building, developing and leading high-performing, cost-effective HR teams in companies of all sizes and industries. We are able to “hit the ground running” to provide you and your organization with quality services, processes and expertise at a cost far below that of expanding the number of employees in your HR department.

If you don’t currently have an HR department…

Whether you have 50 employees or 5000, reliable Human Resources practices are critical to ensure legal compliance, employee retention, efficient hiring, increased employee performance, and effective management practices. Whether on a project basis or as an ongoing partner, Talent Connections can supply your organization with the HR services and experience necessary to both address your current challenges as well as position you for future success.

If you need additional HR resources...

Talent Connections will work with your existing HR department to supplement and expand their scope and deliverables. We can provide additional resources for you to fully achieve your department goals, support new projects or existing deliverables.

If you have an HR leadership vacancy…

A vacancy in HR leadership can provide an organizational gap that is both a drain and a distraction to the rest of your management team. In addition, it can severely disrupt the introduction of needed employee programs, organizational planning, and the productivity of your HR department. Our team of experienced executive-level HR consultants allows us to seamlessly fill your vacancy without loss of momentum or services until you find a suitable candidate. We can even assist with your search for a new HR leader with recruitment, interviewing and transitional services.

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