Management Effectiveness

All companies understand and accept the need for effective supervision and management skills. Itís just that sometimes, with all the other demands inherent with running the business, they donít have the time or internal resources to focus on the development of their managersí skills and capabilities. Talent Connections can assist you with programs that will increase the effectiveness of the managers at all levels in your organization.

You canít wait until a problem erupts to determine that a manager was not skilled to handle an employee situation. Surveys show that supervisors at all levels continually mention ďmanagement trainingĒ as one of their most requested improvements from their employer. They want the confidence, knowledge and understanding that will allow them to be the kind of manager they admire and that their employees will respect.

Talent Connections has the experience to work with your management, either individually or in groups, to provide the coaching, information and focus necessary to increase your managementís effectiveness. Whether at the executive, director, manager or supervisor level, we can customize programs that are designed to fit your environment and your goals.

  • Leadership training
  • Communication skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Conducting employee reviews
  • Managing to higher levels of performance
  • Legal compliance
  • Change management
  • Creating and defining performance goals
  • Performance management and accountabilities

Trained managers who are skilled, knowledgeable, and competent in sound supervisory practices can diffuse difficult situations, avoid legal actions, drive productivity, and increase employee engagement. They are the key to keeping your employees focused, accountable, organized and energized. Talent Connections can provide you with the assistance and coaching to build top performing managers in your organization.

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