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The Challenge
Microsoft Corporation hires in significant volumes. With stock value fluctuations and the hype of other technology companies (Google, etc.) competing for top talent, Microsoft is looking for creative ways to hire the volume and quality of candidate they need to continue as the world's largest software company.

The Solution—Executive Search
Recently, Microsoft secured three firms, one of which was Talent Connections, to assist them in identifying software test engineers from across the country. The firms were tasked with sourcing and qualifying these very hard to find profiles. Once identified and qualified, Talent Connections would submit a candidate to Microsoft for review.

Talent Connections secured several senior-level IT contract recruiters to work on the project. The team successfully sourced, qualified and presented candidates to Microsoft to meet their needs. The other two firms quit along the way!

As a result, Microsoft asked Talent Connections to participate in two follow on, experimental recruiting projects that are currently in development.

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