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Solid Support to the Structure

Understanding how to design, lead, and manage organizational change is an art. For change to be effective, buy-in by employees is mission critical. Talent Connections develops an employee communication strategy that not only keeps employees informed, but also involves them in affecting the change—a process successful in both union and non-union environments. Organizational change can be inspired by a number of business factors:

  • Change Management:

    So what is Change Management? At Talent Connections, we define change management as the continuous process of aligning an organization with its marketplace and doing it more responsively and effectively than competitors. Read More..

  • Organizational Structure:

    Does your current organization structure reflect the new market dynamics and the desired growth plans for your business? Do you have the best talent in the right organization roles to drive your business into the next phase of growth? Read More..

  • Culture / Communications:

    Company culture plays a vital role in attracting and retaining top talent. But does culture take care of itself? If we “do the right thing” on a day to day basis, will our employees get the message? Read More..

Our team has robust experience in building high-performance cultures in a variety of industries from high-tech to consumer goods to financial services and healthcare. Our approach consists of understanding the business' "current state," defining the "desired state" and then building a strategy with realistic milestones to reach the end goal.

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