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It Shouldn't Be This Difficult

The bigger the company, the more complex and difficult the recruiting process inevitably becomes. Growing companies are challenged with a lack of recruiting expertise and processes that can keep them from making good hiring decisions. Developing a world-class recruiting function is easier with outside eyes. If your interview cycles are ridiculously long, if you're seeing marginally-qualified hires, or increased turnover at excessive cost, it's time to look at the overall process. Talent Connections can help establish the recruiting function for a growing company or improve the efficiency and quality of what's already in place.

Often Talent Connections will conduct a Recruiting Process Audit to discover where your company's weaknesses and strengths are and then develop the recommendations for creating optimal results. A few critical areas of execution are outlined below. Programs may include: Read about McKesson's experience...

Read about McKesson's experience…

Workforce Planning
Our experts have years of experience in designing and redesigning teams to drive success. Defining who is best suited to fill what role and who else should be hired to fill the gaps sometimes requires an outside eye. Successful organizations identify high-potential talent, plan for their development and then monitor their progress. Talent Connections has proven methods to help you achieve success.

Employee Referral Programs
Are you tapping into the network of your current employees? Get their buy-in on the recruiting process and in turn increase their motivation and loyalty to the company. An employee referral program is THE most strategic sourcing initiative. Talent Connections can help you ensure your program's effectiveness is maximized.

Behavioral Interview Skills Training
Are candidates put through 5+ interviews before a decision is made? Are your managers trained in assessment and selling techniques? Are you abiding by legal requirements? Talent Connections will train your interviewers to utilize five types of interviews (screening, skills, behavioral, confirming, and selling) to confidently screen candidates.

Is your recruitment effort planned with headcount and expense budgets? Are you aware of the time it takes to fill positions, or cost-per-hire and quality-of-hire statistics and trends? Do you know which sources and channels are most effective? Are you tracking EOE statistics for reporting? Putting processes and benchmark measures in place to ensure your recruiting process is yielding the best new hires, for a reasonable price, just has to be done. If you can show the CEO these types of trends, you're thinking strategically. Talent Connections can help.

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