Finding top talent that fits, is more than just pursuing resumes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Finding top talent that fits into the culture of your company, managing the vast number of incoming resumes according to government EOE standards, coordinating interview schedules – let alone having others trained to conduct solid interviews – there’s more to it than just perusing resumes.

Add to it the fact that your company is scaling to accommodate new high volume projects that you’re not staffed for and you have a good case for hiring experts that can hit the ground running, letting you focus on traditional human resources needs.

You will have a very seasoned recruiting director in charge of your recruiting efforts, handling all points of the recruitment process from candidate inquiry to offer acceptance. Talent Connections will be accountable for hiring success, process efficiency, and metrics. You can rest assured that aiding the strategic direction of the organization and the HR function’s contribution to it will be a top priority. Talent Connections also has resources, networking, and access to an applicant tracking system that bring immediate value to your company’s hiring efforts.

Your outsourcing solution will be custom designed to fit your needs and have the flexibility to ramp up and down with the department’s demand.

Case Study

The Challenge

Habitat for Humanity International is based in Americus, Georgia-about three hours south of Atlanta. This non-profit ministry is world renowned for providing affordable housing to people who don’t have the resources to secure a home through traditional means.

Habitat was struggling in attracting and assessing talent to help drive their global organization. With a need to hire about 175 people a year, Habitat needed to apply new approaches and expertise in their recruiting process.

The Solution—Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

After conducting a recruiting process audit for the organization, Habitat leadership asked Talent Connections, “Why don’t you do the recruiting for us?” After several meetings and a clear understanding of the objectives, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model was developed that would suit their needs.

Talent Connections then developed strategy, fine-tuned processes, hired a recruiting team of five, implemented an applicant tracking system and helped the organization hire 175+ people. The special needs of the organization as a non-profit are being continuously monitored to help Habitat meet its ongoing recruiting needs.

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